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The well-being of todays nation is established by it’s alliances and friendships with other nations. It is for this exact reason that Lithuania has embarked on the journey of extending the relationship between them and our Republic Of Kenya. There are many benefits for both nations with diplomatic relations such as this. There are many business opportunities that have now opened between these two countries. It’s opened up a new gate of tourism that people wouldn’t have seen before and we are very excited to see where this goes in the future.

Check out a small selections of business connections we now have through this patnership here – Business Connections.

Diplomatic Relations Opening New Business Opportunities

Lithuania is a country in Europe that is part of the European Union which is the council of Europe. They are a full member of Eurozone, the Schengen agreement and NATO. The United Nations Human Development Index lists Lithuania as one of the highest human development countries in the whole world. It is just 21st in the world and very high in just Europe.

Mr. George Oraro was appointed as honorary consul of the Republic of Lithuania to the Republic of Kenya back in early 2015. Mr. Oraro is a practicing advocate with a specialty in litigation and is currently the Senior Partner at Oraro and Company Advocates. He has over 25 years’ experience in working on financial services, capital markets and other large commercial transactions.

To see more information about business opportunities arising from this alliance then head over to our website. There’s much more in depth information on the topics covered above. You can always get in touch with us simply and easily by using the contact details provided right here on this page. Take a look at the Google map to see where we are located.

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