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We are passionate about health and fitness. Keeping yourself healthy and in shape should be a priority. It’s not only great for the health of your body but it also keeps your mind in shape. Doing exercise and eating healthy releases endorphins into your body which is key for making someone feel happy and good about themselves. At Haka Fitness, we do step by step tutorials, nutritional programs, dieting solutions and personal training. Calisthenics is something we specialise in and find very effective. Depending on your specific goals, we will tailor the program to suit you. If you are looking to build and maintain some muscle then that’s no problem. Maybe you are looking to just lose a bit of weight and keep it off, that’s no problem. We are here to help you. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you could use our services. We are very easy to talk to and committed to our clients. With years of experience and training under our belts, you can rest assured your are in the best hands.

Calisthenics Strength Training Programmes

It doesn’t matter about what equipment you’ve got, it doesn’t matter if you can’t get to a gym. Our programs are based around organic calisthenics training. This means you use your body weight and everyday items or surroundings to do your workouts. So there is no need for heavy gym equipment, you can have a full workout and start your journey to achieve your goals in your own back yard.

Diet And Fitness Programmes To Suit Everyone

What you must remember though is that it’s what you are putting inside your body which contributes to your health and progress the most. Training is fantastic and definitely a necessity but if your diet isn’t great then it can be holding you back from so much. We provide nutritional plans and diet solutions to help you reach your goals quickly. By putting that little bit of effort in a preparing your own meals means you are in total control of what enters your body. All of our plans are designed to suit your availability and needs and to work around your daily life.

To speak to one of our friendly team, simply get in touch. All of our contact details are right here on this page. You can also get in touch through our social media pages too. There you can see plenty of imagery among other things of what we get up to. Follow our pages to be kept up to date. We look forward to speaking to you sometime soon.


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