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Advotiq is a Consulting firm that provides SMART business solutions to Small Businesses for the purposes of Exponential Growth and Revenue Generation.

Advotiq is a Kenyan-based business that has refocused its operations to collaborate with international firms to enable provision of the highest standards of products and services for its clientele.


Advotiq provides services, specifically for:

  • Travel and Relocation Services;
  • Revenue Management Systems; and
  • Online Digital Services.


Travel And Relocation Services

Relocating or to work overseas in a new country can be both scary and uncertain.  Most immigrants from Africa visit foreign countries and wanting to look for and improve their livelihoods find themselves stuck after violating visa rules by overstaying.  This is stressful and detrimental to the quality of life for people.  

We are the professional moving team because we constantly enhance our existing services and add new services to ensure we continue to provide the very best to our customers.

Our comprehensive range of Relocation Services are specific to Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Lithuania and Poland. We have structured our program to provide you with the most efficient, personal and valuable service possible. We want to ensure that the results of each service match your expectations. The range of relocation services include job search, visa application, home search, work overseas and departure assistance.

Revenue Management Systems

This is a proposed procedure and points to be considered in improving the revenue management in a business.  The process starts from client acquisition, customer relationship management, management and accountability of the sales process.  All this is linked to finance to ensure effective billing and collection.

Online Digital Services

Growing a business can be tough and the recent events of 2020 have more or less clearly stressed that we have to change the way we work as “business is no longer usual!”.  You want your business to be visible to the right people, but it’s difficult knowing how and where to meet them.  We believe that meeting like-minded business people shouldn’t be hard.  By helping you build trusting relationships with suppliers and customers, we’ll help your business grow.

Our online business directory will get you thousands of visitors every week meaning businesses get new views all the time, our micro-sites empower your own website’s SEO as well as putting your company at the top of searches in no time and for only a small rate, all businesses on our side receive huge amounts of marketing.


Advotiq has collaborated with international firms with experience in the development and distribution of smart services and delivery of services to ensure that clients get ‘sustainable results’.

For businesses, it creates revenue management systems by designing work flow processes and incorporating the use of softwares to suit specific businesses or available tools like Microsoft Access.  This enables a business to track its work in progress, provide reporting on client management and documentation,


Advotiq’s unique perspectives in the use of technology has ensured that it stays up-to-date with the latest trends to keep its clients happy.

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